⛔️ Pause

Escrow also implements the interesting Pauseable module. This means the smart contract can be paused and unpaused by the smart contract Owner. When paused, all modifying functions are unavailable for everyone, including the Owner.

For this, the Owner must execute the pause or unpause function from the smart contract, you can execute the following:

make starknet-pause
make starknet-unpause

Alternatively, you can directly execute the function using the starkli tool. Note however, to run starkli this way, you must have exported the STARKNET_ACCOUNT and STARKNET_KEYSTORE variables:

starkli invoke $ESCROW_CONTRACT_ADDRESS pause
starkli invoke $ESCROW_CONTRACT_ADDRESS unpause 

You can also see if the contract is paused or unpaused by executing the following:

starkli call $ESCROW_CONTRACT_ADDRESS is_paused 

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