Upgrading Payment Registry

After deploying the Payment Registry contract, you can perform upgrades to it. As mentioned previously, this is done via a ERC1967 Proxy. So, to upgrade Payment Registry, another smart contract must be deployed, and the address stored inside the Proxy must be changed.

To do this you must:

  1. Configure the contracts/solidity/.env file.

       ETHEREUM_RPC = RPC provider URL
       ETHEREUM_PRIVATE_KEY = private key of your ETH wallet
       ETHERSCAN_API_KEY = API Key to use etherscan to read the Ethereum blockchain
       STARKNET_MESSAGING_ADDRESS = Starknet Messaging address

    NOTE: This is a very similar configuration than the mentioned before, but MM_ETHEREUM_WALLET_ADDRESS is not necessary

  2. Configure the address of the proxy to be upgraded:

       export PAYMENT_REGISTRY_PROXY_ADDRESS = Address of your Payment Registry's Proxy
  3. Use the Makefile command to upgrade Payment Registry contract

       make ethereum-upgrade


    • You must be the owner of the contract to upgrade it.

    • This command will:

      • Rebuild Payment Registry.sol

      • Deploy the new contract to the network

      • Utilize Foundry to upgrade the previous contract, changing the proxy's pointing address to the newly deployed contract

Upgrade Escrow

Our Escrow contract is also upgradeable, but it's method and process of upgrading is different from Payment Registry's upgrade. Starknet implemented the replace_class syscall, allowing a contract to update its source code by replacing its class hash once deployed. So, to upgrade Escrow, a new class hash must be declared, and the contract's class hash must be replaced.

We will perform the upgrade using the starkli tool, so the same configuration used for deployment is necessary:

  1. Configure contracts/cairo/.env file.

       STARKNET_ACCOUNT = Path of your starknet account
       STARKNET_KEYSTORE = Path of your starknet keystore
  2. Configure the address of the contract to be upgraded:

       export ESCROW_CONTRACT_ADDRESS = Address of your Escrow smart contract
  3. Use the Makefile command to upgrade Escrow contract

       make starknet-upgrade


  • You must be the owner of the contract to upgrade it.

  • This command will:

Upgrade ZKSync

[comment]: TODO, add when ZKSync is Upgradeable

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