Market Maker Bot is a bot that provides liquidity to the Yet Another Bridge (YAB).

When a user wants to bridge tokens using YAB, the user must call the set_order function from the Escrow contract. If successful, the Escrow emits a SetOrder event with the newly placed order information.

The Market Maker Bot listens to the SetOrder events and creates a new order in its database. This way, the Market Maker Bot is able to fulfill all user's order.

Once an order is fulfuilled, when the user has received the tokens in his desired destination chain, the Market Maker will be able to claim his corresponding tokens from the Escrow in the source chain.

When the Market Maker claims its tokens, the Escrow will send the tokens to the Market Maker's address and emit a ClaimPayment event. The order is then marked as completed in the Market Maker's database.


In the Architecture section you can find the following information:

  • Functional Requirements

  • Class Diagrams

  • Non-Functional Requirements

  • Main Architecture Components

  • Infrastructure

  • Scenarios


If you want to deploy a Market Maker Bot, the Deploy section explains how to do it.

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