📜Payment Registry

Payment Registry is a Smart Contract that resides in Ethereum's L1, responsible for receiving MM's transaction on L1, forwarding it to the User's address, and sending the information of this transaction to Escrow.

So, when MM wants to complete an order it has read on Escrow, it will call the transfer function from Payment Registry, containing the relevant information (orderID, User's address on L1, and amount). Payment Registry will verify the information is acceptable, store it, and send the desired amount to User's L1 address.

After this transfer is completed, MM must call claimPayment on Payment Registry to receive back the initial deposit made by the User, so that Payment Registry can verify MM has previously sent the order's amount to the User. If it has, this same function will call Escrow's claim_payment, informing Escrow that MM has indeed bridged funds for User, and that he wants to receive back his amount on L2. Then, as mentioned before, Escrow will release MM's funds to his desired L2 address.

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